“Majestic Owl” My first complete Digi-Stamp

Hello again and welcome to my corner!

Hope you’re well and taking care of yourself and your family during this time of chaos. Today I have my very first digi-stamp! I have been contemplating digi-stamps for a while and even purchase some but never did anything with them. Finally a few weeks ago I saw this image in Etsy and had to get it.

Digital stamps are affordable and take no physical space making them ideal if you have a small creative space or just want to do some coloring on the go.

I purchase this image from Fairy Tangle Art on Etsy and the owner is Norma J. Burnell who is an artist, illustrator and certified Zentangle teacher. Etsy is a good place to look for digital stamps but by no means the only one. There are thousand of creators selling and even offering free digital stamps. In reality any image that you can print and color could be use as a stamp, just need to be able to do some sizing fit you needs.

This image was easy to load I used Microsoft Publisher (Microsoft Word should do as well). I used guidelines to divide the 8.5 by 11 paper in four so I could print the image four times per card stock. I also made sure I had the room necessary for the sentiment and my proportion were correct for an A2 size card.

I printed a couple of times in white copy paper first before printing in the 80lp Neenah Desert Storm card stock to make sure all my measurements where correct before printing on the expensive card stock. I used an Epson ink jet printer and found the ink held well.

I recently purchased Ohuhu Alcohol Brush Markers and I have to tell you I really love these markers. They are the closest I can get to a Copic without drowning in debt, lol. A nice set of 51 markers will cost under $30 at Amazon with a nice startup color selection. Mind you nothing is like a Copic but for $30 I think this is a great marker that I liked so much I purchase their full 120 set for $99.

A few things I found useful while coloring with these markers on the Neenah card stock are:

  • Let the image dry after printing for a while. I printed several copies the day before while doing some computer work.
  • If using a cardstock that is not marker friendly, color slowly and with a light touch or it might absorb too much ink and spread beyond the lines.
  • Keep a fine point black permanent marker such as Zakura to draw over any lines that might’ve gotten a little blurry with the ink.
  • When blending keep a light touch as too not rub the card stock too much and have it fray.
  • Keep a couple of pieces of scrap paper under your project of the alcohol ink will bleed through and stain your table or other surfaces.

Just remember to relax and go slowly, it is said that coloring is for relaxing and de-stressing sooooo try it, LOL!

I hope you give it a try and have some fun. I have provided the links at end of the blog as well as some shops that sell digi-stamps; please go check out Norma and the many talented artist that have images for sale for your creative pleasure.

Take care and stay sane!

Consuelo Morales

Wondering Mindfield



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