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Here I am again with another ATC Card Series I created recently for a swap at Swap-bot.com.  As I mentioned before I really enjoy making this little works of art as I like to call them.

These cards were done with one my favorite stamp set by Jane Davenport, “Jane’s Girls” which has 4 girls face stamps that work for all kind of projects.

Using different stamps to add texture without the bulk is a favorite technique of mine in order to keep these cards flat and easy to mail.   I used distress oxide inks for the background color and with some markers I added some highlights and shadows to the image.

The images were stamped with black ink and heat embossed with clear embossing powder to e images permanent and not run the risk of smudging the black ink while adding more elements to the card.

I love to add words and phrases to my ATCs inspire and motive the person I’m sending them to and I accomplish this by using word stickers or my trusty “Smith Corona” typewriter I got at a flea market for $20!!!

Well I hope these card inspire you try doing some ATC and join a swap.  ATC’s can really open you to try new techniques and a express your creativity in a small way!

Thank you for stopping by and always take care of your creative soul!


Wondering Mindfield



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"Behind every great crafter...Is a huge pile of craft supplies" -JoAnn   Cheeky but true! I love craft supplies as much if not more than trashy paranormal romance novels. I felt it was time to get down to business and actually use all these craft supplies and make pretty things. Would I be successful? Who knows! But now one will be able to accuse me of not giving it all I got. Which is the reason I started this blog, to share my crafting adventures (or most likely mistakes) with the Internet.   Sad but hey I don't have much of a social life and my husband isn't very interested in hearing about crafts! He's much more interested on how the Patriots or Red Sox are doing than listening to me talk about stamps, cardstock and die cutting.   Paper crafting as you will see is my first crafting passion but as any decent crafter would tell you is impossible not to dabble on all other kind of crafting experiments, hence the name wondering mindfield. So look around and hopefully I will inspire you to try something new, make some "creative" mistakes and relax while creating something "pretty." Thank you for visiting and come back soon! Wondering Mindfield

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