Crafting for a Cause

Hello and Welcome to my corner of the World!

As many of you may know the disaster and damaged that Hurricane Maria caused on the beautiful Caribbean islands has been devastating.  The suffering and helplessness of over 3 million people.  This very real and is right now.

I was worn in Chicago, IL but from the age of 3 until 15 I live in Puerto Rico and I’m proud to say I am Puerto Rican. I don’t have a lot of money and when I see the news and the pictures the sense of helplessness is overwhelming.  I wish I had the resources and money to spend millions in food and water, just the basic things we all take for granted and head over there and help them.  Unfortunately, I don’t.

But then I realized that every dollar counts.  That even if I only have $20 dollars it will sure put food and water in the hands of one family for that day, when otherwise they might have gone hungry.  This got me thinking of what else I could do turn that $20 into a few dollars more and then I decided well you love crafting so use that for a good cause.

I will to donate every dollar I am able to earn with my cards and crafts that I might sell at yard sales,craft fairs, etsy, ebay, friends, you name it and send it to help those on the island.  I will be selling handmade cards by me and friends on my Etsy shop starting next week using all type of products I currently own.  I will not use any of the money earned to buy supplies, that will be my contribution.  The only thing I will charge separately will be shipping since I am not a wealthy person and not able to cover the cost.

I will also be doing DE-STASHING SALE of some of my older supplies and other supplies I feel will be useful. I will list these de-stashing boxes on my Facebook page(Click here) and they will be shipped on flat rate boxes.

I hope you follow me on this mission and for you to also find a way to help others in need.  It’s not about ethnicity, race, color, social status or geographical location is about all of us been human and we all bleed and suffer that same.

Thank you for taking the moment to read this and tonight before bed hug a loved one and be thankful you’re safe.


Wonderin Mindfield

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