Spooky Halloween Card Kit by Kim’s Card Kit

Hello and Welcome!

I have mentioned before that I enjoy card kits. They are a great way for beginners to create very pretty cards or craft with minimum fuss. Of course that also depends on how elaborate a kit can be.

I recently found Kim’s Card Kits through a post on Pinterest and decided to get one of her kits. I know I’m a day late when for Halloween but this post is to introduce you to this particular store that has many other type themed kits.  his kit costs 18.00 and the site offers free shipping on orders over $30 so I ordered another kit I will showcase later.

The kit came with all the paper supplies needed and all you need are the basics supplies such as adhesives,scissors and foam tape. I will tell you the kit is excellent for beginners! It came with all the stickers, papers, gemstones, ribbon, embellishments, card stock and envelopes you need.  Eveything comes pre-cut and measured for you. and istructions are included as well.

Each card supplies comes inside the envelopes so you have all your pieces separated for each card. I started by laying out all the pieces one card at a time so I would not mix up the pieces.  I read the instructions but found that it was easy enough to look at the picture and see what pieces belong to which card.  Then I layout the pieces on the card stock before I started gluing everything together.


I made two adjustments to the kit, one was gluing the stickers to card stock and then fuzzy cutting them because they are stickers and I wanted to add dimension by using foam adhesive.  I did not like the lumpy look when I would put the foam square behind it without the card stock backing.

The other adjustment was to use my own vanilla 110lb card stock for the base because I’m just OCD and wanted more sturdiness since I did mail some of the cards and gave others as gifts.

If you want to give one of these kits a try click here for the link to Kim’s Card kits. Here are some closeup pictures of the cards:

Sir “Dracula”

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“Mr. Frankie”

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Little “Mummy”

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“Kitty Boo”


“Ghosty” Ghosts

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“Spooky” Duo

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And this “Witchy” girl is my favorite card!  She’s so green and cute”

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I followed the kit as it was sold and had no issues with the materials.  The kit was $18 which came out to $2.57 a card!  I think it was worth it and I had a great time assembling the cards.

Thanks for visiting and hope you come back!  Keep creating!






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