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Today I have a different post that is more crafty that my usual card making projects. A while ago I purchased two Tim Holtz® clock and I tell you I did not know what to do with them. I got them for a great price ($5 each) and thought what the heck. So finally I was inspired to do something with one of them.


I left the clock in its orignal finish, took a small piece of green floral foam and hot glued it to the inside bottom of the clock. You pretty much have to eye-ball it so that it fits in the center and is not too big. This gives you a place to glue the flowers to. I covered it with green moss so the front doesn’t show the foam, just tuck it nice and full around the foam.

Tim Holtz Clock2

As you see on the picture I took one large flower (white) and made it my focal point.  The flower was part o a floral bunch I got at Michael’s on sale a few years ago.  Yes, I hoard all kinds on craft supplies!


I took the leaves and smaller flowers and glued them around the large flower until I was satisfied with the arrangement. I kept looking a the front to make sure all the little flowers were place nicely and I would also put the cover a few times so I could see how high I needed to go to completely cover the back of it. To fill the back I used the large leaves on the flowers so everything would look nice and full and none of the chorme from the cover would show through.

After I was finished, it needed a little pizzaz I looked to my Cricut and I though vynil. I went into design space and picked a nice font and typed the word “Rise up.”  It’s a meaningful phrase for my daughter and I wanted for her to be reminded of it everytime she saw the clock.

The took a small piece of white Cricut® vinyl and transfer tape.  If you have a cutting machine you more than likely know how to apply vinyl. There are quite a few videos on YouTube® with many trick and tips including the Cricut official website. If you don’t have  a cutting machine you can use some nice sticker letters or use your favorite cutting dies.  You could probably also use some pain and stencils!

I highly recommend getting this clock the minute you see it on sale because it really is a great base to make some very nice crafts.  This project took about an hour and most of it was finding a font, weeding and applying the vinyl letters.

My daughter liked the clock and she keeps it on her desk among her craetive space. It makes me happy to see something I made hold a special place among her things.

As always at the end I have included some links to the some of the materials I used. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe give this a try.

Take care and take time to nourish your creative soul!


Wonderin Mindfield


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"Behind every great crafter...Is a huge pile of craft supplies" -JoAnn   Cheeky but true! I love craft supplies as much if not more than trashy paranormal romance novels. I felt it was time to get down to business and actually use all these craft supplies and make pretty things. Would I be successful? Who knows! But now one will be able to accuse me of not giving it all I got. Which is the reason I started this blog, to share my crafting adventures (or most likely mistakes) with the Internet.   Sad but hey I don't have much of a social life and my husband isn't very interested in hearing about crafts! He's much more interested on how the Patriots or Red Sox are doing than listening to me talk about stamps, cardstock and die cutting.   Paper crafting as you will see is my first crafting passion but as any decent crafter would tell you is impossible not to dabble on all other kind of crafting experiments, hence the name wondering mindfield. So look around and hopefully I will inspire you to try something new, make some "creative" mistakes and relax while creating something "pretty." Thank you for visiting and come back soon! Wondering Mindfield

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