“Rise up” Clock (Tim Holtz)

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Today I have a different post that is more crafty that my usual card making projects. A while ago I purchased two Tim Holtz® clock and I tell you I did not know what to do with them. I got them for a great price ($5 each) and thought what the heck. So finally I was inspired to do something with one of them.


I left the clock in its orignal finish, took a small piece of green floral foam and hot glued it to the inside bottom of the clock. You pretty much have to eye-ball it so that it fits in the center and is not too big. This gives you a place to glue the flowers to. I covered it with green moss so the front doesn’t show the foam, just tuck it nice and full around the foam.

Tim Holtz Clock2

As you see on the picture I took one large flower (white) and made it my focal point.  The flower was part o a floral bunch I got at Michael’s on sale a few years ago.  Yes, I hoard all kinds on craft supplies!


I took the leaves and smaller flowers and glued them around the large flower until I was satisfied with the arrangement. I kept looking a the front to make sure all the little flowers were place nicely and I would also put the cover a few times so I could see how high I needed to go to completely cover the back of it. To fill the back I used the large leaves on the flowers so everything would look nice and full and none of the chorme from the cover would show through.

After I was finished, it needed a little pizzaz I looked to my Cricut and I though vynil. I went into design space and picked a nice font and typed the word “Rise up.”  It’s a meaningful phrase for my daughter and I wanted for her to be reminded of it everytime she saw the clock.

The took a small piece of white Cricut® vinyl and transfer tape.  If you have a cutting machine you more than likely know how to apply vinyl. There are quite a few videos on YouTube® with many trick and tips including the Cricut official website. If you don’t have  a cutting machine you can use some nice sticker letters or use your favorite cutting dies.  You could probably also use some pain and stencils!

I highly recommend getting this clock the minute you see it on sale because it really is a great base to make some very nice crafts.  This project took about an hour and most of it was finding a font, weeding and applying the vinyl letters.

My daughter liked the clock and she keeps it on her desk among her craetive space. It makes me happy to see something I made hold a special place among her things.

As always at the end I have included some links to the some of the materials I used. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe give this a try.

Take care and take time to nourish your creative soul!


Wonderin Mindfield


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