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I have finally organized and cleaned my craft room!  It took forever and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, but I finally have things the way I want them to be. Probably not for long since it doesn’t help that I keep buying new things.

So for my first project for my new blog I thought I try out some watercolor techniques I’ve recently seen in a video by Kristina Werner (click here for her video). This technique is very easy and fun to do and is called smooching.

I used Jane Davenport’s 4 Jane Faces stamp set, with versa mark embossing ink, white embossing powder and Strathmore® watercolor paper.  A quick tip when embossing on paper is to preheat the gun for half a minute or so prior to heating the embossing powder to help reduce warping of the paper.

The watercolor ink I used is from Dr. Ph Martins, but keep in mind this is what I had in handy, you can use any watercolor you have. This technique can be done with any inexpensive watercolor inks but I found that liquid inks were better to work with.


I took a recycled piece of thin plastic from a stamp package to work the watercolor inks on my paper (a piece of scrap acetate will work just fine). I added a drop of ink and diluted with water and then placed the acetate on top and transfer the ink to the paper. This allowed me more control as to were I wanted the ink to go until I was happy with the look. I used a yellow watercolor marker to highlight and define the face.  The idea was to give the illusion that her hair was flowing all around her. This technique can be used to add a soft or vibrant background to a nice sentiment and make a quick and lovely card.

The sentiment was then stamped with in a compliment shade. One tool I love and used frequently is the MISTI which help with positioning the stamp and allowed me to re-stamp the sentiment until it is the shade I wanted.


To finish the card I took a coordinating card stock color and cut it 1/8 of an inch wider that the image card to add a nice border to the first layer. I then adhered the fist layer to the card stock with double-sided foam tape to add dimension to the card. The base and the other layers were glued with regular double-sided  tape.

FullSizeRender 1

To finish the whole look I added some shimmer mist to the card which unfortunately you can’t see, but trust me it gave the card a nice finished look. Just be sure to read the instruction and spray using a recycled box, that mist can get everywhere. This card only had a few materials and I was able to put it together in about 30 minutes since I already had some pre-cut card stock in my stash. Since it did not take a long to make the crad I had more time for a few extra ones!

Check out Kristina’s video and try this technique it really makes a great impact with little effort. At the end are the list of the supplies I used and I hope you are inspired to create something pretty.

Have a great time!

Wondering Mindfield


  • Strathmore watercolor paper9269A0DF-FB38-4563-8860-AEC1E9E9F957
    • Base:  4.5″ wide by 11.5″ long – fold in half
    • Image layer:  4 1/4″ by 5 1/5″
  • Cricut “Candy Shop” Blue Card stock:  1/8 of an inch larger than the card stock where I stamped the image.  (I wanted a thin border.)
  • DR. PH Martin: PhThalo Green
  • 4 Jane Girls stamp set
  • Versa mark pad
  • Heat gun (for embossing powder)
  • WOW white embossing powder
  • Zig Clean Brush: #50 Yellow
  • Shimmer Mist
  • Hero Arts Tide Pool ink cube
  • Fiskars #20 Quotes stamp set
  • Piece of thin plastic or acetate for “smooching” technique
“Girls of Love” available for purchase here.
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"Behind every great crafter...Is a huge pile of craft supplies" -JoAnn   Cheeky but true! I love craft supplies as much if not more than trashy paranormal romance novels. I felt it was time to get down to business and actually use all these craft supplies and make pretty things. Would I be successful? Who knows! But now one will be able to accuse me of not giving it all I got. Which is the reason I started this blog, to share my crafting adventures (or most likely mistakes) with the Internet.   Sad but hey I don't have much of a social life and my husband isn't very interested in hearing about crafts! He's much more interested on how the Patriots or Red Sox are doing than listening to me talk about stamps, cardstock and die cutting.   Paper crafting as you will see is my first crafting passion but as any decent crafter would tell you is impossible not to dabble on all other kind of crafting experiments, hence the name wondering mindfield. So look around and hopefully I will inspire you to try something new, make some "creative" mistakes and relax while creating something "pretty." Thank you for visiting and come back soon! Wondering Mindfield

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